Hotel ‘Centrale’:  Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The hotel ‘Centrale’ is one of Lamezia Terme’s proud possesions. Even the history of the construction itself is quite unique:  In 1920, Raffaele Cerminara, the great-grandfather of the actual owners, received special permission from the Vatican to demolish what remained of an ancient church to St. John and had the hotel built on the same site.

The initial building started out as just  a  ground floor with a garden, then the first floor was added with a few rooms. Slowly but surely  Mr. Ceminara together with his wife got established, the hotel became a meeting place where the garden was the city’s open air salon but not just for the locals but also for the many distinguished celebrities who stayed in the Hotel ‘Centrale’, on their way to discover the south of Italy.

After the second world war, the building was expanded further adding two more floors, it was then that  Gregorio took over the running of the hotel. He and his wife Eva, together with their 5 children brightened up the hotel and restaurant on the  ground floor.  This way the hotel was passed on from father to son who then managed the hotel until the end of the seventies.  After Gregorio passed away, his wife and children decided to accept the council’s offer to rent it out as the traffic warden’s headquarters. 

After the contract was up the building was left to deteriorate until seven years ago when Barbara and Bruno, the daughter and son of Roberto Bertucci and  Daniela Cerminara who was one of Gregorio’s daughters decided to take up the running of the family business and renovate the hotel to its original glory.