Seven years of hard work, to carry out an innovative project that combined the past with the present and the future taking into account the restrictions of the Fine Arts.  The external part of the building has practically remained the same, but inside it has been changed completely. 

Thanks to an impressive job of piling on the basement it was possible to obtain a meeting room.  An ancient shrine from St. John’s church was discovered in one of the walls on the ground floor which has been preserved and left in view.

“Think sustainable”  is what greets you as you enter the hotel which is not just a wish but also a warning. 

The future is already about considering sustainability at all times even on holidays. Sustainability is exactly from where this project began.

The hotel is completely eco-compatible, which is exactly what Barbara and Bruno wanted, that is why the hotel was restored  according to the sustainability standards of ClimaHotel

The very high standards reduce to a minimum the basic energy needs and expect the use of sustainable resources, recycling of the water and all other materials.  It is the very first building to be certified ClimaHotel in Calabria. 

This means huge innovation where the design is concerned.  We have therefore satisfied the requirements requested by the B class of CasaClima with that of an important energy efficiency.  The latest technology has been implemented to allow the maximum reduction of electricity, heating and water consumption. 

A solar heating system will also be installed to produce hot water for the bathroom. The hotel roof has been made of wood, the insulation of wooden fibers  maintains heat in the winter and remains cool in the summer. The keyword is comfort: radiant floor, walls and ceilings and high efficiency in the structure.

But it is the clay that makes the difference in the whole restoration project: a raw material that maintains the correct temperature and is not harmful for guests.

Last but not least LAGO furnishings provide our guest with maximum comfort in a modern style.